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Chapter Six

Remarkable Safety & Peace

Never in the history of the world has a government existed with strictly one purpose: protection. Early America came close, which is why early America’s get-out-of-the-way, protection-only government created the conditions for her rapid rise to the envy of the world.

Without the Prime Law in place, however, the U. S. Constitution was vulnerable to the resurgence of the rule of man. Government steadily grew beyond its one proper purpose of protection. Instead of a protection service, government eventually became a ruling class. It has become so bad that today the President of the United States is expected to “fix” the economy. The President should focus on his proper role of Commander-in-Chief of the military and homeland security.

In Hamilton-America, the government is a protection service only, not a ruling class. It focuses on protection only and everything that protection involves such as justice, courts, police, prisons, national defense. With every dollar and every action going toward protection, the effectiveness of that protection surpasses the protection of all other governments, which are focused far beyond their one valid purpose of protection only.

Crime prevention becomes unsurpassable in Hamilton-America. Moreover, the creative and hardworking people who immigrate to welfare-free Hamilton-America could never possess the lazy criminal-mind. Furthermore, society is so prosperous with a get-out-of-the-way government, crime largely loses its appeal. Indeed, with prices falling to fractions (as seen in the computer industry) causing buying power to soar, essentially making all citizens rich, the motivation for monetary-based crime vanishes.

In Hamilton-America, crime vanishes. In America, wealth vanishes and crime rises…and rises. …So far, the test Split-B Hamilton-America delivers a far better response than the control Split-A America, especially involving the three most important conditions of civilization: wealth, health, and peace.

Chapter Seven

Voluntary Pay

Hamilton-America is the only place on Earth that is booming with an abundance of jobs, peace, falling prices…a place where people are wealthier and healthier than they have ever been…while America and the rest of the world sink into job losses, home losses, fear, panic, collapsing standards of living.

Hamilton-America is also nearly free of crime and is the safest place on Earth. For, here government’s sole function, its every thought and action is protection. Moreover, the people coming to Hamilton-America are the smartest value-and-job creators and most ambitious workers in the world. With no welfare, no government handouts, the lazy moochers and criminal minds do not bother to come to Hamilton-America. They stay home where their socialistic governments hand out elaborate entitlements. The criminals also stay home because crime does not pay in a country with a protection-only government.

As America and the rest of the world sink, the people in Hamilton-America enjoy wealth, soaring health, peace, happiness, and love. The juxtaposition of America and Hamilton-America shines a bright light on misery versus luxury, poverty versus prosperity. The contrast is stark. Political rhetoric and demagoguery no longer tell the out-of-context story. Instead, the split-run and the unlying numbers tell the whole story.

America and the whole world succumb to depression. The citizens of Hamilton-America feel how precious their conditions really are. And they want to pay for the protection service — the government — that guarantees their conditions. This new government idea that gets out of the way adopts the original U.S. Constitution with the following addition — the most basic Prime Law of Protection the founding fathers of America missed:

The Prime Law

 (The Fundamental of Protection)


*The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

*The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

*The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

Living in the only prospering country in the world, a country setting new records for standards of living and safety while the rest of the world collapses into a catastrophic era of poverty and terror, citizens of Hamilton-America gladly, patriotically pay for their Protection-Only Government. That Protection-Only Government backed by the Prime Law guarantees the conditions for Hamilton-America to become the wealthiest, healthiest, and safest country in the history of the world. Beyond that, Hamilton-American government gets out of the way!

The question of: “Will people pay for their government if they don’t have to?” is answered as follows: In Hamilton-America — YES. In America — NO. That is why America has resorted to a force-backed IRS. By the way, the Prime Law would never allow a force-backed IRS and would have prevented the resurgence of the rule of man and his insidious force-backed ruling class in America.

Chapter Eight

The Government Trap

In the incredibly complex and confusing world today, what do we do? Imagine a person in America loses his job and, in the shrinking job market, he cannot get another job. He then loses his home. He has a family, wife and children to shelter and feed. Well, he is in the government trap. He needs government assistance to survive. He needs food stamps to feed his precious family. He looks to the government, for what else can he do? Where else can he turn?

However, with the arrival of Hamilton-America, he does not turn to food stamps. He immediately moves his family to Hamilton-America and gets a great job! This is just common sense.

In Hamilton-America, freedom begets the Great Technological Revolution, which begets falling prices and rising buying power just as we saw in the mostly unregulated computer revolution, the forerunner. Therefore, as citizens grow wealthy in Hamilton-America, the government trap never happens here.

In America, as more and more desperate business executives and desperate citizens fall into the government trap and turn to government for “rescue money,” Hamilton-America just sighs and shakes his head at sister America. While they put out their hands, the truly creative business executives and hard-working citizens leave America for Hamilton-America and drive the economy in Split-B to unprecedented heights.

Chapter Nine

Common Sense and Split-Run

In 1775, America’s problems were complicated and confusing. Most Americans did not want to go to war with England. The situation was too complex for Americans to get clear answers and conviction.

In January 1776, as a response to the King’s abuse of power, Thomas Paine published Common Sense. His pamphlet begins metaphorically in a simple place with a handful of persons. Then a few more persons arrive, and civilization begins. Seeing civilization in its most simple state, at its origin, cuts through the complexities…and common sense shines through! That little pamphlet brought America together to stand united against the King of England.

Similarly today, America’s problems are complicated and confusing. The financial collapse starting in 2008 has Americans scared and confused. The situation is too complex for Americans to get clear answers to the problems including their feelings on socialistic government intervention.

In January 2009, as a response to the complex financial crisis and the government’s confusing abuse of power, I completed Split-Run. My pamphlet begins with the hypothetical split-run, the a,b split between the existing control, Split-A America, versus the test, Split-B Hamilton-America. Hamilton-America starts fresh and free of the political entanglements of America. Seeing Hamilton-America in its most simple state, at its origin, cuts through the complexities…and common sense shines through! This little pamphlet can bring society together to stand united against bogus government and virulent rule of man. (Remember proper government is protection only, backed by rule of flawless law — the Prime Law.)

Chapter Ten


Companies, jobs, construction, housing boom in tax-free Hamilton-America. So stocks and real-estate values go up. Moreover, capital gains taxes do not exist in Hamilton-America, so investors from around the world invest in Hamilton-America. In fact, Hamilton-America becomes the investment capital of the world.

Furthermore, with a relatively low-cost, voluntary-pay, get-out-of-the-way protection-only government, Hamilton-American industries do not get politicized and shackled with regulations as in America and around the rest of the world. Cost-prohibitive bureaucratic regulations do not exist in Hamilton-America, which dramatically lowers the costs of research and the risks of failure. Businesses and investors, therefore, pour money as never seen before into research and development. Those investments in research and development bring Hamilton-Americans rapidly advancing new technologies. Greater and greater life-enhancing products rise throughout all industries, from the health industry to the transportation industry, for lower and lower prices. Those rapidly evolving new technologies and products drive up standards of living and drive down costs of living.

Those investments in research and development are the best investments that do not create a bubble. Those investments in Hamilton-American industries stimulate the Great Technological Revolution unlike anything seen before. Those investments dramatically increase manufacturing and create more and more jobs. Business booms; investors invest; prices fall; prosperity soars.

Back in America, industries fall apart and collapse. Money evaporates; jobs vanish. Businesses go bankrupt. People go jobless and homeless. Government goes on the offense. With much media-driven fanfare, the president’s top priority is “to fix the economy.” Hamilton-America does not argue the point. Hamilton-America just raises his eyebrows as sister America’s best benefactors immigrate to Split-B and make Hamilton-America stronger.

Chapter Eleven


Hamilton-America becomes the best place in the world to house manufacturing companies and manufacturing jobs for several reasons: First, no taxes. Second, no cost-prohibitive regulations. Third, no government-enforced unions.

Those are three immediate, standout reasons that manufacturing companies and their jobs flee to Hamilton-America.

Another reason quickly arises: the truly free Hamilton-America experiences the Great Technological Revolution. No other country does; even American industries are too politicized to enter into the remarkable Great Technological Revolution. Indeed, only truly free, nonpoliticized industries can enter into the Great Technological Revolution.

The Great Technological Revolution becomes perhaps the greatest benefit of all to manufacturing companies. The steady cost-saving and production-improving technological breakthroughs are a boon for both profits and production.

America’s manufacturing businesses, on the other hand, continue dying. Manufacturing jobs go overseas for cheaper labor and less-regulatory conditions. And now, with the creation of Hamilton-America, whatever manufacturing is left in America makes a quick exit for Hamilton-America. America becomes less and less competitive, overrun with regulations, unions, taxes, lawsuits, unfriendly media and class-envy. Hamilton-America stands back and nostalgically watches the fall of the once-great nation.

America sinks into catastrophic conditions as politicians, bureaucrats, and mainstream media continue to cry out for “social justice” and more regulatory controls on business. Hamilton-America just sighs as the job creators and hard workers pack their suitcases and head for the land of the free.

Chapter Twelve

Estate Planning

Hamilton-America has no estate tax. Hamilton-America has no need for an estate tax, for there is no big and growing bureaucracy to pay for as in America. Therefore, with no estate tax, wealthy dynasties in America and around the world immigrate to Hamilton-America. In fact, the majority of business owners and investors immigrate to Hamilton-America, for human nature does not agree with turning over half of one’s property to strangers for redistribution — half of what took one’s entire life to build for one’s children…just to owe half of its appraised value to a socialistic government that will spread one’s wealth around!

In many if not most cases, the deceased parents’ business must be sold so the children can pay the estate tax. Now, as clear as it is to see how wrong that socialistic force-backed government policy is, and how that was NEVER intended in the original U.S. Constitution…rule-of-man politicians and their media cheerleaders justify the family-business-destroying estate tax. And because over half of Americans depend on entitlements, that take-from-those-who-earn-and-give-it-to-strangers-who-do-not-earn mentality flourishes in America.

In fact, the irrationality grows increasingly grotesque to the point that the greatest contributors to society — the job creators and wealth creators — are somehow perceived as the villains of society. Moreover, their profit — their private property — is expected to be taken by government and redistributed to strangers — by and large to those lazy moochers on entitlements. And finally, at the end of those admirable job-and-wealth creators’ lives, after they spent their entire lives creating jobs and benefiting society and earning and building their reward, their private property — their businesses or their investments — the government claims half of the appraised value for redistribution. The children have to sell the business to pay for that redistribution of wealth.

As obviously wrong as American government and its growing ruling class has become, as blatant as the violation is to the U.S. Constitution, the socialistic politicians, bureacrats, judges, and media justify their wrongful acts. And the majority of Americans now benefit from those wrongful acts. So, the destructive government gains public approval for those wrongful acts. …America regresses from the rule of rational law into the nightmarish rule of irrational man…cleverly crafted into a sort of mob rule.

But, Hamilton-America does not care anymore. Why try to tell sister America her wrongful ways any longer? Instead, the split-run will do the talking. As business owners and investors flee to Hamilton-America, citizens in sister America are left in a country of lazy leaders and lazy losers, all of them looking for redistribution of wealth. But the wealth dries up as the wealth-creators leave. All the “good genes” go to Hamilton-America.

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