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Make All


People Rich


The Poor!

Part One


America (Split-A)


Hamilton-America (Split-B)


What Is A Split-Run?

The largest marketing industry — direct-mail — sends advertisement to you through the mail. The reason direct mail dwarfs all other forms of advertising, including television, is because of its effectiveness. And the reason direct mail is so effective is because of something called the split-run.

Here is how it works: in a mailing (called “a run”), every two names get “split” — the first name and address (split-A) gets mailed the established advertisement (“the control”); the second name and address (split-B) gets mailed the test advertisement. That is known as an a,b split-run. The response (i.e., the orders) quickly and undeniably tells us which approach was more effective. There is no guesswork: the numbers tell us what works and what does not work. We need no “brilliant” professors or “expert” analysts telling us what we should do. The numbers tell us everything we need to know.

Having spent my life in the direct-mail industry, I shake my head whenever I hear some “brilliant expert” saying “I think this…” or “I think that…” For, living my life by the unlying and unthinking numbers, I know my answers are correct.

During the fourth-quarter 2008 worldwide financial implosion, I heard over and over “expert” commentators on television and on the radio saying “I think…” “I think…” “I think…” I noticed that they were wrong as much as they were right. In other words, their many opinions meant nothing above the odds.

One day, when I had heard one-too-many “I think…” I blurted, “God, I just want to split-run this country!”

Bingo. The light turned on in my head. Over the next few weeks, I wrote Split-Run.

Chapter One

Imagine…No Taxes!

In Split-Run, we hypothetically a,b split America. Split-A is the control — the half of the country with the same political and economic policies that exist now. Split-B is the test — the half of the country with different political and economic policies described within…starting with no taxes. I will explain later how the government will generate its money, but one step at a time.

No taxes. What happens? Well, I know I personally move to Split-B! To make Split-B sound a little less awkward, let’s call Split-B Hamilton-America. (I apologize for its egotistical appearance, but I have to call Split-B something, and this is my hypothetical country.)

In fact, with no taxes, most people owning a business move to Split-B — move to Hamilton-America. Of course, businesses are where the jobs are — so more and more people who are badly wounded by the collapsing job world in Split-A — in America — move to Hamilton-America to find good jobs.

Hamilton-America booms. Factories and office buildings fill up and more get built to accommodate the new businesses rushing in. Homes get bought and more get built to house the job-searching people rushing in.

In short, the smartest job creators, both burgeoning entrepreneurs and established business owners, and the hardest-working people ambitious for work flock to Hamilton-America. The economy and standards of living soar in Hamilton-America. Meanwhile, the lazy moochers stay home, in America. The economy and standards of living sink in America.

Moreover, with no taxes, the smartest job creators and hardest working people rush into Hamilton-America not only from America, but from around the world. They leave behind their sinking economies and tax-crazed countries. Indeed, the smartest creators and hardest working people in the whole wide world end up in Hamilton-America! Hamilton-America becomes the booming melting pot America once was. Hamilton-America is the beneficiary of a world-wide brain-drain!

Schools, infrastructure, construction, real estate, publishing, clothing, farming, energy…all industries produce and boom. Very quickly, Hamilton-America becomes the envy of the world. Hamilton-America experiences unprecedented prosperity as America experiences unprecedented poverty. Sister America sadly suffers another Great Depression.

Chapter Two

Immigration — Let the Creators Come!

Hamilton-America not only has no taxes; it also has no welfare, no hand-outs. So, as in the early days of America, only the best of the foreigners – the smartest job creators and hardest workers — come to Hamilton-America. We get the best in the world — the best value creators, best job creators, and the hardest working people from around the world. The lazy moochers never come, for there is no welfare for them. They have to work for their existence in Hamilton-America, so the inherently lazy foreigners stay in their existing countries and continue receiving from the large “social good” programs.

Early America was known as the land of opportunity. People from all around the world came to America to build or contribute. None of those early immigrants came here with the idea of taking from our government. They came here with a dream and a passion to fulfill that dream.

Those early immigrants contributed enormously to America’s rising prosperity. Some of those immigrants built the original industrial empires in America. Hamilton-America is the revival of that time of passion and production.

Meanwhile, America continues her stiff resistance to simple, hard-working immigrants. At the same time, America grows her welfare programs that ultimately motivate immigrants toward entitlements and laziness. America gets pulled under the weight of her growing welfare state as she begins to drown in debt.

Chapter Three

Small Government / Rich Main Street

Hamilton-America booms…growing, building, producing as the smartest creators and hardest workers rush here from America and from around the world. In this booming economy, standards of living keep rising.

Why? It all started with no taxes. Now, the smartest creators come to Hamilton-America to build their businesses here. The hardest workers follow to work for those businesses.

Well, no taxes and booming economy give us the data — the unlying numbers — we need to determine the role of government in Hamilton-America. Essentially in Hamilton-America, the government will get out of the way. That was the case in early America when our country was the envy of the world. Now, American industry is mired in regulations, legislation, taxes. America, Split-A, is stuck and sinking in ineffectiveness. America is falling.

Hamilton-America, on the other hand, is free of government drag. The role of government returns to protection only, which includes national defense, justice, courts, police, prisons.

In 1787, the U.S. Constitution supplanted suppressive rule of man with nearly flawless rule of law. A single, missing integration allowed power-seeking man to steadily “misinterpret” the Constitution and gradually weaken its power to limit government. Like a resurging disease thought to have been eradicated, the rule of man has adapted and gained strength against rule of law, against the U.S. Constitution. The missing integration that would have permanently protected the U.S. Constitution from the resurgence of rule of man is the Prime Law. In Hamilton-America, the ratification of the Prime Law as an amendment to the nearly flawless original U.S. Constitution makes the difference between America’s less and less effective Constitution and Hamilton-America’s incorruptible Constitution. The Prime Law, as defined later, guarantees a get-out-of-the-way government. The Prime Law is the difference between sinking into poverty (split-A America) versus soaring onto prosperity (split-B Hamilton-America).

Chapter Four

Universal Wealth

The Great Technological Revolution

The huge bonanza that Hamilton-America enjoys that early America did not enjoy is high-technology. Unregulated, rapidly advancing high-technology drives costs to fractions and multiplies buying power, making consumers wealthier and wealthier.

Let us look at one industry that rose so quickly that the government did not know how to entangle it in regulations and legislation: the personal computer industry of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century.

Specifically, within that industry, consumers’ buying power multiplied a thousandfold. In other words, computer consumers became computer rich. Indeed, computer consumers could purchase computer power that only multi-millionaires could buy just a few years earlier.

Now, in this modern era of high-technology, imagine that wealth-phenomenon spreading throughout all industries…a natural “millionaire phenomenon” today once government gets out of the way.

America’s mainstream media, however, continues to play the blame-game and promote the out-of-context lie that lack of government regulation caused the 2008 financial collapse. Hamilton-America, on the other hand, just winks and smiles as the brightest creators and most ambitious workers immigrate from America to Hamilton-America. As the wealth in America evaporates, the wealth in Hamilton-America explodes. All the people become rich in the ensuing Great Technological Revolution that drives prices down to fractions as seen in the computer revolution, the forerunner. The people’s buying power quickly multiplies a hundredfold or more.

Chapter Five

Universal Health

The Great Technological Revolution

The health care in America continues to deteriorate. Making the problem worse, bureaucratic regulations have caused more and more doctors to slave longer and longer hours for less and less money.

The good doctors shake their heads, pack their bags, and leave for Hamilton-America.

The medical industry in America, perhaps more than any other industry, is submerged in bureaucratic regulation. Therefore, the medical and health-care industries, deprived of freedom (the oxygen to creative progress), have been severely retarded by big government.

Hamilton-America frees the medical and health-care industries. Doctors, surgeons, research doctors, scientists can make good money again. They can create values without being punished. Insurance premiums collapse as frivolous lawsuits cannot stand up to the Prime Law (revealed soon). Government gets out of the way in Hamilton-America. Medical research investments soar as cost-prohibitive FDA-like regulations vanish. The most competent doctors, surgeons, research doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical companies flee America for Hamilton-America just as fast as they can!

Furthermore, without the regulatory web catching and eating alive all aggressive research and progress, Hamilton-America becomes the health beacon of the world.

Free as the computer industry, the Great Technological Revolution moves into the health and medical industries. Prices begin dropping. Health care costs plunge. Like the computers, health care, cures, and medicine become cheaper and cheaper yet better and better. Very quickly, the most affordable and best health-care in the world welcomes all those coming to Hamilton-America.

As America calls for more and more FDA regulations to control the pharmaceutical companies, regulate medical research, and approve medicines in order “to protect the people”, Hamilton-America just sighs. Indeed, there is no longer a need to point out and argue the many faults of a ruling class, for people can just get up and leave now — leave for Hamilton-America.

Hamilton-America not only becomes the fastest growing and most prosperous nation in history, it also becomes the most healthy! Hamilton-America enjoys the brightest research doctors and scientists in the world backed by the largest pools of investment-money for costly research projects finally free of cost-prohibitive self-serving political regulations. With the most brilliant doctors and scientists backed by unprecedented research funds, Hamilton-America routinely produces medical breakthrough after breakthrough; and with a get-out-of-the-way government, the investment companies can bring those life-saving medical breakthroughs to the people at increasingly affordable prices. …In sister America, just the most simple insurance policy becomes unaffordable.

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